• Solli Anders Son

New year: Cheers to the change and all flexible people on this planet

Life inspires me to write a little homage to the change today. I am talking about all type of changes: Happy, painful, important, insignificant, difficult, easy, funny, dramatic, expected, unexpected changes.

Those changes that hurt and those changes that make us smile.

I know so many people who inspire me everyday because they change permanently. To be clear: With change, I don't mean people who give away their pet, car or partner for a more attractive model.

I mean people who adopt permanently their inner world and their experiencing to the circumstances .

Those who take even their worst experiences as lessons learned and still they have hope although they have fallen so many times. People who dare to change their old lifes, behaviour patterns and beliefs for something new. Those who cut their hair and decide to fight for their dreams. Those people who were always known as shy and today they hold a political speech in front of a big audience. Those who manage to change their whole life and attitude after a hard diagnosis, seperation or the death of a loved one. People who manage to end toxic relationships. People who decide to begin a therapy. Artists. Creators. People who begin a more conscious nutrition and lifestyle. Those people who open their mouth and speak about a topic when no one else dares to do so. People who dare to say YES. People who dare to say NO. People that know, that their voice can make a HUGE difference.

Are you feeling named? I guess you have inspired me to write this down.

On the other hand, i know also many people who are afraid of change in life and who prefer avoiding it.

Why ?

Of course: Change scares us because suddenly we might be all alone. We might have to open our eyes for how hard and uncomfortable life is. We might loose important contacts. We might attract attention of others! We might loose something stable and get something new that we yet don't know how to control! On an inconscious level, we might even believe that we will end up just in another dissapointment.

Well- some of us have had this so many times and they just don't want to be dissapointed again so they avoid change. See it as a sort of selfprotection. Now, it this not understandable?

Indeed, it is very understandable. And still: As long as we don't welcome and admit change inside of our life and inside of US to happen, we will not be able to make those experiences that teach us things CAN actually happen in an unexpected, magical, positive way for us. If we avoid change, we hinder us from growing our own personality and make experiences for better and in this way, we might become even a blockade for others.

In the worst case, bad things will happen to us again and again - until we finally understand that maybe we need to welcome change INSIDE of us. In another case, we will just live a boring and unfulfilling life and always stay behind our own potentials.

So let me ask you: What kind of person are you? Are you yet a creator of your life, do you have allys, dreams, aims for this planet?

Or do you still feel a victim of society, a single fighter living in a unjust world with no hope for change?

...Are you someone who welcomes change in all aspects of life ? Can you see and make use of its transformative power even or especially in difficult situations? Then this homage goes to you.

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