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Connection is what holds the universe and your world together!

5 very interesting fundamental physical findings about the universe that bring us closer to our roots and our transforming abilitys as human here on earth.

Lately I have been into reading some very interesting books. There is one in especially: It's title is "Primal Dance" from Daniel Taroppio, an argentinian author who shares some interesting and important points of view, talking about universal connection & our role here as human on earth. Daniel Taroppio states that most, or maybe all of the personal, interpersonal and objective difficulties we are faced today, may come from a fundamental lack of us human, experiencing a so called "cosmic consciousness". He states that the development of today's human society has reached a state where fundamental questions, like finding meaning in our existance on this earth & finding connection beween us and the outer world , are asked less and less, while ego-controlled, isolative ways of life & lifestyles ( fighting & winning vs. loosing, me vs. others) have become the more rule then exception.

International capitalism and a consuming, non-reflective, non-sensitive society may lead us to a state of isolation, nihilism, numbness, fear and disconnection, if we do not take action and understand that actually we can make a difference.

In his book, Daniel Taroppio states the importance bringing up important questions, like:

"Where do I actually come from, and where might I be going ? Where are we all going?"

Asking these questions may make us become aware of the unfathomable mystery of life, realizing that we are some kind of misterious and transcendental creatures ourselves, always and still with an undefined end.

If you take a closer look, you will realize that human could adapt since millennium of years now in this earth to almost anything. Taking a closer look, this is what defines us a human beings: Our ability to change and adapt to our circumstances.

Now, this is a very interesting point Daniel Tarippio made in his book, and I share this idea: The mystery of not knowing why we are on this planet might scare us. We might be trying to find explications in fundamental religious or esotheric beliefs or in scientific newspapers in order to escape from this fear. I have seen that people all over the world doing this. Don't get me wrong: I do believe that spirituality and scientific work is important, and I would never dare telling you what you should believe in. But I want to ask you for this:

Don't hinder yourself perceiving your world in an objective, open, natural and intuitive way. Always keep on being a researcher in your life on your own, always keep on questioning things others tell you to be true ( even if this person is me).

Because the truth is: We are the protagonists in this life. And each one of us carries all this magical abilities within himself that can be revealed when we grow in a permitting and loving society: The ability to perceive, to connect things, to learn from things, to reproduct things, and whats most important, to feel and to adapt to our circumstances. Under good circumstances, we are able to see that we ourselfes, are connected to everything. And we will experience this thing that Daniel Taroppio so-calls "cosmic consciousness" and use it in order to create a more connected world together.

Very interesting to remember and know

Here I want to share with you some interesting topics from physics as cited in Taroppios book, that speak in favor of universal connection. I believe them to be fundamental in order to understand our own human nature and origin.

1. The origin of universe is still the biggest unfathomable mystery.

The Big-Bang theory states that everything that exists was contained in something like a very small, primordial point, which practically didn't exist in space. A mass so difficult to conceive, but when it bursted and started to differentiate it became more and more complex, and finally it ended producting the whole universe. Physicians suspect this event was so extraordinary, that in only seconds of time the primordial mass had differentiated in incountable, millions of atoms that where interacting with each other, generating more and more diversity and complexity. That is to say, this primordial mass somehow contained all of the known and unknown galaxys, suns, planets, ecological systems of the universe and inside ot them all of the species. The origin of this primordial mass is not explainable. What existed before the Big-Bang? We still don't know! Karl Popper affirms that the approach to the truth describes an asymptotic curve that is always approaching it's destiny but never touching it - so maybe we will never know?

2. The universe constitutes a living an counscious system.

Equally, modern physics as well as spiritual tradicions assume that the whole universe emerged from a mysterious source. So the most important question will not be if God exists or not exists, and not even, if God exists in the form each person conceives him. This question has already produced so many wars, defending the existance of one God against another. The most fundamental question is : How we can try to conceive the existance of the mysterious source of the universe? While traditional beliefs assume the origin of everything to be some kind of emptyness that paradoxially contained everything, physians assume the orgin of the universe to be a undifferentiated and dark mass. As we will maybe never be able to access this mysterious emptyness and mass, we can only try to understand everthing that emerged from it, that is to say, the universe, and all its planets, suns, and species. As we think of all the species that have disappeared and of those who have evolved to a point where they are exploring the universe ( through travels in the material universe as well as through the exploration of the depths of consciousness), it is difficult to believe that this original source from which everything emerged did not contain some sort of consciousness with the tendency for configuration and evolution itself. The universe can be understood in this way as a vivid organism, self-conscious, in permanent evolution to more and more complex structures, gifted with some intrinsic sense itself, and and I think maybe we are just to find out that we ourselfes might carry all of those caracteristics inside of us as well, getting closer to our our roots as universal creatures.

3. The universe unfolds in a dance of polarity.

All the universe unfolds in the manifestation of two original principals, opposites and complementaries. The dance of these two principles determines the appearance of everything tht exists and therefore we can find them on all levels of the universe. In physics they appear as the negative and positive polar charge of the subatomic particles, in biology they appear in the catabolism and anabolism, in human we find them in the masculine and feminine gender, in the comunication in the digital and the analogue, in philosophy in the thesis and antithesis. Those two principles can be also seen as complementary regulations: One as the integrating, connecting, comunicating, approaching power to be found in electromagentism, gravity, feminity and integrative behaviours in organisms. The other one as the differentiating, seperating, variating, mutating, creating, progressive power to be seen for example in masculinity, biology, elecromagnetism. Both of these principles are equal important because they hold everything together and complement each other.

4. The universe is a configuration that is permanently transforming.

Physics teach us that everything in the cosmic is dinamic and changing. There is no such thing as stability. It doesn't matter if we talk about a lion, a cristal, a rose or a human: On a subatomic level, there only exists configuration that in front of our eyes adopts the aspect of a solid thing. Everything that exists is organized in universal patterns, which contain fundamental information about development and its unfurling. Dr. Sheldrake, a biologists from Cambridge university, has developed the hipótesis of morfogenetic fields constituting information. He states that they might unfold even beyond the limits of space and time, never loosing intensity in the moment of creation. In other words, he believes that there are non-physical fields that might influence all of the cosmic organized systems.

5. The universe is interactive.

The universe unfolds through the existance of individuals that seek for reconnection as well as for individualization. That is to say, the essence of the universe is permanent interaction. The seek for a lost unity can be found in every level of creacion: Two subatomical particles attracting each other and rejecting each other in an infinite dance of fusion and fission, the polarity of magnets , the encounter of two lovers... With regards to this, Vincent Cuillemin has written a very interesting article about the "Zen" in modern physics, finding out that the universe is so connected that the modification of one element will modificate immediatly other elements despite the laws of space and time , because the whole cosmic system is connected through its same inical conditions and origins although the individual elements remain seperated. Thus, when two particles of light are send into completely different directions and there is kilometres of distance between them, the modification of one particle will still immediatly influence the other, although there is no evidence of a possible contact between them, measured at the speed of light!

You see- everything is connected! So this might lead us to think about whether our influence on people and the world might be much bigger than we actually believe, and maybe we should start being a better example for others in all aspects of life ( politics, science, development, spirituality, nutrition, environmental protection) instead of complaining things about our neighbours.

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